Unplug Yourself




How many times have you gone on vacation and found yourself checking emails from work, texting people and on the phone with family members?

Too many times we tend to take work with us, when we’re not even there?  Now, what kind of vacation is that?

In this day of social media madness, we have to unplug ourselves from the so-called “necessities” of life.

I had the opportunity to take some time off and TRULY unplug.  I forgot to call Verizon to inquire about their international plan, so I couldn’t talk on the phone.  I left my laptop at home.  I was forced to unplug.

Believe it or not, I enjoyed it.

It gave me a chance to clear my mind and relax.

It was rather refreshing, if I do say so myself.

You should try it.



My Testimony: New Beginnings


One thing that I’ve learned over the past 18 months, is that WHAT YOU THINK will manifest itself.

I remember visiting Atlanta a couple weeks ago, and I ran into some old associates of mine. One of them said, “Hey!!!  Good to see you.  You’ve changed.”  I was like, “What do you mean?”  He said, “You’re all………POSITIVE.”  He was referring to this website, the Daily Positive Quote Facebook page and my personal and fan pages.

A lot of people don’t know that I post those messages FOR ME.  Now, since people took such a liking to the positive messages, I’ve decided to keep doing it.  Hence, this website.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been talked about, lied to, shunned and turned away from.  I went through a bout of depression.  The difference is, I deal with depression a little different from most people.  I’ve learned to keep myself busy doing things that make me happy, which keeps my mind active.  I’m blessed to say that it has worked.

As a man, when you’re laid off, it’s the WORST feeling in the world.  It messes with your self-esteem, you mind AND your bank account.  You can forget about dating.

THESE are the times when you find out who your REAL FRIENDS are.

When you’re in need, REAL FRIENDS just know it.  You don’t have to say anything to them, because they know your situation and will OFFER to help.  Even if they can’t give you money, they’ll at least give you some encouragement to keep you moving in the right direction.

Ironically, your blessings come from the most UNEXPECTED places.  For example, when I interviewed for the Promotions Director / Midday position in Roanoke, I met with the owner of the station.  We sat down in their conference room, talked a little bit and then he gave me an envelope.  I asked “What’s this?”  He said, “Open it.”  It was a check for my expenses, as I had drove to Roanoke and spent the night before there.  I was SHOCKED AND SPEECHLESS.  Anyone that knows me, KNOWS I am never speechless.   Anyway, it showed me that he has a heart.

With that said, I’ve accepted the position and will be moving there, this Sunday.

This will allow me to do what I love.  The business of radio.  I love communicating with people.  The act of educating, entertaining and informing people, makes me happy.

I want to take the time to thank The Creator for blessing me with another opportunity to do my PASSION.  I want to thank the FEW friends that I have for being there for me, through my dark days.  I thank The Creator for the way it is and will be.  Thank you.

I want to thank my mother and two brothers.  Their counsel has kept me going, during some of my dark days.

I want to thank The Broadway.  When I was let go in March 2011, The Broadway was the ONLY NIGHTCLUB that kept me around, without decreasing my pay.  That ALONE is a blessing.

I want to thank my extended family (you know who you are).

I want to thank my REAL FRIENDS (you know who YOU are).

I want to thank the people who I thought were my friends, because I now know that they weren’t.

I want to thank the 27 potential employers for not hiring me, because if one of them did, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do what I love (yes, that’ 27 interviews in 18 months).

I want to thank the people that I thought I was going to do business with, but for some reason, it never came to fruition.

I REALLY appreciate the radio stations in Hampton Roads, that decided I wasn’t good enough for them.  It allowed me to see, that it’s not about true talent and what could benefit their station.  It’s about the bottom line.

I forgive myself for putting myself in a position to be hurt.  When you know better, you do better.

I’m still learning.

With that said, a new beginning starts in Roanoke on October 22nd and I don’t mind moving on.  I have no kids, nor wife.  So, nothing’s holding me here.  I will say, overall Hampton Roads has been good to me.  I received my M. A. in Media & Communications from Norfolk State University (BEHOLD THE GREEN AND GOLD!!!).  I’ve met some WONDERFUL people and will cherish their fellowship.  In addition, I’ll be back on the weekends, to spin at the Broadway!!!!

So off I go to The Star City, not knowing what to expect, but knowing I will enjoy what I do.  I looked fear in the eye and decided to smack it in the mouth.

I’m blessed.








You’re Never Too Old To Learn


It never ceases to amaze me, that around EVERY corner is a lesson to be learned.  Just when you think you’ve conquered it all, just when you think you KNOW what’s really going on, just when you think you’ve figured it out, you learn something new.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson tonight.  When you put your trust in PEOPLE who do NOT have your best interest at heart, you get sent to school.

With that said, as I’ve gotten older I find myself not staying mad too long.  Believe it or not, as I’m typing this blog post I’m beginning to feel better already.

So here I am, at the front of the class with my dunce hat on (yes, I’m smiling now).

What class am I in?  LIFE LESSONS 101.

I guess I need to take some notes.


September 22, 2012  LIFE LESSONS 101


1.  Remember, when one door closes a window opens.

2.  Make sure you NEVER make a decision, while you’re upset.

3.  Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be put in that situation.

4.  Don’t put yourself in that situation again.

5.  Have a back-up plan.

6.  If you have no one to talk to, FALL ON YOUR FACE AND PRAY.

7.  Keep in mind that people will always reveal their true intentions to you in time.

8.  Once those intentions are revealed, make the best decision for you.

9.  If you can change the situation, do it!!!!

10. If you can’t, make preparations in your life so that you eventually can.

What I find even MORE interesting is, I’m so busy giving advice to everyone else that I sometimes need to take heed to my own words.

Thanks for your continued support.

God bless and good night.




The Power Of Prayer

On our Facebook page, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be a “religious” page.  I still mean that.

Then again, this was on my heart and it’s coming from a point of self-reflection, so here goes.

This article is for those who believe in some sort of higher power.  No matter what you call that higher power, chances are you pray to them.

Now, I’m no holy roller, but I am a praying man.  I believe the power of prayer is so REAL and INTIMATE, it’s astonishing.

Although I’m a VERY private person, I don’t mind sharing this experience with you.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve had my ups and my downs.  I’ve dealt with lost relationships, lost friendships, death, unemployment & bankruptcy.

I’ve learned SO MANY THINGS during this transition.

1.  The art of budgeting

2.  Who my REAL friends are

3.  What you THINK will happen

4.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive

5.  Positivity begats positivity

6.  Less is more

7.  Words hurt

8.  Silence is golden

9.  Listening is a lost art

10. The Creator is SO GOOD!!!!

I guess you can say, this is my “testimony”.

I’ve been able to sustain myself, with little or no help from others.  When I needed help, I’ve received it from some of the most UNEXPECTED sources.  I didn’t even ask for it.  The people that have assisted me, didn’t even know me.  That’s when I knew, I was doing something right.  My bills are paid, I’m still able to travel, I’ve got food to eat, clothes on my back and some money to spare.  That’s better than 75% of the world.

Whenever I get reflective, I’ll usually call my mother.

She gave me some life-changing advice.  She said, “Son, I pray for you all the time and I worry about you.  I don’t know how you’re taking your transition so well, but I thank The Creator for it.”  Then she corrected herself, “I know how you’ve been able to deal with what you’re going through.  The prayers of those who REALLY love you always gets through to The Creator.”

Then she got deep.  She said, “When you pray, pray with an earnest heart and be specific in your prayers.  Sometimes, you have to write down what you need to say to The Creator, to make it EXTRA specific.  Be thankful for what you have and come to The Creator with adoration and love.”  Then she got “gospel gold” on me.  She said, “Remember, The Creator’s will, not yours.  What’s meant to happen, will happen in The Creator’s time, not yours.  He answers all of our prayers.”

She finally came to the “benediction”.  ”You have to enter into prayer, understanding and knowing that what you’re praying for will happen.”

I’m still working on this one.

With that said, I’m thankful for the way it is and grateful for the way it will be.




The Power Of Reciprocity


First of all, I have to apologize for my absence, over the last three weeks.  I’m back, now.  :)


Have you ever given your ALL in a relationship and wanted the same in return?  Have you ever supported someone’s dreams and asked for the same support?  Have you ever looked out for someone when they needed you and all you ever wanted is that SAME LOVE?


I’ve been there, done that and sold the t-shirt (cute twist, huh?).


There are a couple of life lessons that I’ve learned.  Mind you, these are my individual experiences.

1.  In any given relationship, there is NO SUCH THING as 50/50.

2.  There are many people who tend to get amnesia, when it comes to reciprocating support.


Relax.  This IS a positive post.


The moral of this short story is, give with your heart.  Give because you WANT to give, not because you want something in return (yes, I’m STILL working on this).


The power of reciprocity works both ways.  When you give from the heart, you’ll receive from someone else’s heart.  It may not be from the person you originally gave to, but I will come from someplace SO UNEXPECTED, that you’ll KNOW it’s a BLESSING.


Give good.






First Impressions


Whenever I’m out in public, either at dinner or just out and about, I find it interesting that people don’t know how I look, but can recognize my voice.  Let me elaborate.

I’ve been in the media for over 24 years and it never ceases to amaze me, when people tell me, “You sound just like you do on the radio.”  Mind you, I’ve been out of radio for 18 months.  I guess, I took a page out of the book of radio greats like Frankie Crocker, Brent Musburger, Marv Albert and a host of others.

You see, these people sound like they do on the radio or on TV.  No manufactured radio voice here.

You might be thinking, “Where is this going?”

It never fails.  I could be in the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant ordering my food and someone will say, “Aren’t you…..?”  Then, a conversation ensues and that person would explain the fun they had while listening to me on the radio.

I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT.  A song comes to mind, “I’m sooooooooo grateful!!!”

It just goes to show you, you NEVER KNOW when you might be affecting someone with the words you say.

“Our lives don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched.”

Who’s live have you touched in a positive way, lately?  If you can’t answer the question, this Labor Day weekend might be a good place to start.

Be safe.





Keepin’ It Real vs Keeping It Right


Have you ever wanted a particular phrase or saying to be dead and gone, FOREVER?  That’s the way I feel about “KEEPIN’ IT REAL”.  To me, it’s out dated and there are very few who “KEEP IT REAL” in their own lives.

I mean, seriously.  Let’s analyze the TRUE meaning of “keepin’ it real”.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “keepin’ it real” means:

Not being fake or influenced. Being true to yourself and your values, but more importantly, being true to innate values that all people acknowledge as respectable. Not frontin’, or inhibiting yourself or pretending to be something your not; but also not following dominant values that should not be acceptable.

For whatever reason, I know VERY few people that “keep it real” 100% of the time.  What they TELL you, may not be how their TRULY living.  That’s one of the reasons why I take what people SAY with a grain of salt.

There’s a great quote that comes to mind, when I hear someone talk about “keepin’ it real”.  It’s from one of my favorite movies, “The Matrix”:

“What is real. How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

I digress.

There’s another quote from a hip-hop song, by De La Soul that I REALLY appreciate:

“You cried “Keepin it real”, yet you should try keepin it right”

Which brings me to my point.  When you’re “keeping it right”, there’s nothing to worry about.  You’ve been honest, up front and open.  You have very few regrets and you’re living your life based on your belief structure and as long as you’re not hurting no one, all SHOULD be well.

When you’re “keeping it right”, it’s a way of life.  It’s something you regularly do and rarely have to talk about.  It’s when you walk the walk, instead of talking the talk.



How To Relax


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine.  She indicated to me that her mind moves 100 miles a minute (even when she sleeps).  That had me a little concerned.

Even when I was busy working two to three jobs a day, I ALWAYS found time to relax.  Now, no one says you have to take a two week cruise around the world.  Then again, why NOT take time out for yourself.  Aren’t you worth it?

The question I like to ask people is, “What makes you happy?”  You’d be surprised at how many people cannot answer that question.

They’ll ask me, “Well, what makes YOU happy.”  The FIRST thing on my list is TRAVEL.  Traveling makes me happy, because it allows me to RELEASE, RELAX AND RECHARGE my internal battery.  For me, travel allows me to learn about different cultures, taste different kinds of food and meet different people.

With that said, I’ve learned to relax just by hanging out with me.  I’m always around hundreds of people and when I’m alone it allows me the opportunity to analyze and take stock in me.

I’ll NEVER forget an insurance commercial that STICKS IN MY MIND.  The narrator was standing over a policyholder’s grave and he said, “This is what happens, when you don’t take a vacation.”

Most people will say, “Well, you don’t have any kids and you can travel AT WILL.” 

Yes & no.

I will give you a small list of ways to relax:

1.  A bubble bath

2.  Listen to some good jazz

3.  A manicure & pedicure

4.  A spa treatment

5.  Lunch in a quiet park

There you go.  Five simple ways to relax.  There’s NO EXCUSE for not taking time out for yourself.  Even if you’re working two or three jobs, how can you enjoy the money, if you don’t take time to ENJOY THE MONEY.

Ask yourself what makes you happy and you’ll find an easy path to relaxation.

I’m just saying.







Life Is Too Short


Remember that old saying, “One day you’re here and the next, you’re gone”?

Well, in the case of my dad, it was, “One day you’re here and the SAME DAY you’re gone”.  Without going into too much detail, I had a bad fight with him and never got the chance to tell him how much I loved him.

The even SADDER thing is, I carried that anger and grief around for twenty years.

Now, anyone that knows me KNOWS how much I LOVE my mother.  She would tell me to let go of that anger and to stop being fearful of her own demise.

She and my older brother would always remind me of the funny memories of my dad.  In dealing with his death, I had blocked out a lot about my dad.

It wasn’t until I took a look in the mirror and realized a lot of my dad is in me.  I remembered the life lessons he taught me and how much he TRULY loved my mom and us kids.

I guess the moral of this short story is to live each day as if it’s your last.  Confirm the love of the people you care about EVERY DAY.  If you’re holding a grudge against someone, LET IT GO!!!  Stop stressing over things you can’t control and fix what you can.

Enjoy life.

Life is WAY too short.




Got Patience?


It’s interesting.  I pride myself with surrounding myself with people that lift me up, that are smarter than me and have my best interest at heart.  I’m pretty proud of that.  I guess that’s one of the reasons why my inner circle is so small.

The challenging thing is when I see them prosper and I’m not.  Being as positive as I am, I KNOW the best thing to do is be happy for them and continue to encourage them.

Then again, there’s a small part of me that says, “What about me?”

I am human.

After coming back down to earth, I ask myself again, “What ABOUT me?”

All of a sudden, the word PATIENCE pops in my head.

The definition of patience is:

the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset

THIS is one of my biggest challenges.  The ability to be still without being idle.  In other words, while I’m going through my transition, stay busy or productive enough to make a difference.

One thing I’ve learned is to stay LASER FOCUSED on my purpose and CREATE my OWN fortune.

My situation is better than most.  It’s just me.  I don’t have a family to take care of.

This allows me work on ME, while I’m working for myself.

I hope that makes sense.